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Our Farms.

Our chicken feed comes from our very own.

We grow maize in our 50 hectare farm and later process it in our manufacturing industry to produce quality feed for our chicken.

With well over 30,000 chicken, we use a caging system to ensure that both the chicken and the eggs maintain their quality.

Our caging system helps in the production of clean eggs whilst ensuring that the whole process of production is tracked and managed effectively.

With our system, we are able to maximize on our egg production and control any sort of parasitic disease.

Currently, we distribute our products to both retail and wholesale customers.


Our plan is to employ a state of the art distribution system which can reach to our client on time- as per demand, this including Hotels, Supermarket, Exporters and food manufacturing industries.


On top of the equipment we have, our plan is to employ high tech farming equipment such as: automatic drinkers, automatic feeders, cages, automatic packaging and water systems.

These equipment will pace up our production, ensuring consistency and quality of our products.


We are also planning to establish a modern training center to equip our workers and local women with agro business skills that will enable them to establish themselves financially.

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