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Eggs safety Tips

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

3 DO store eggs in their outer boxes at below 20°C.

3 DO display eggs in their own cartons, in refrigerated units.

3 DO sell eggs in strict rotation, that is 'first in: first out'.

3 DO regularly empty and clean egg storage and display areas.

3 DO store eggs well away from strong smells to avoid tainting the eggs.

7 DO NOT store or display eggs: - near heat sources such as refrigerator motors and fan heaters, or - in shop windows or direct sunlight.

7 DO NOT use self-serve systems. This is where customers select eggs from a bulk display area into empty packaging.

7 DO NOT repeatedly move the same eggs to and from cool conditions, as this causes condensation on the shell which allows bacteria to enter the egg. Always treat eggs as you would chicken, meat, seafood and dairy products. This means ensuring that the eggs are clean, intact (no cracks), fresh and kept cool, and that good hygiene practices are used in handling eggs.

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